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Tag: Why should I adversise on the right haqnd page?

Always Advertise on the Right Hand Page

I'm well known for saying that Most Advertising Doesn't Work … but a few minutes ago I placed a £900 advert in a national magazine for a client.  Why?

So why spend so much money on advertising that doesn't work?

It is quite easy.  My claim is that MOST advertising doesn't work … NOT that all advertising doesn't work.  The difference is that I arranged for my client's advert to go on the right hand page.

Most people don't know this but adverts on the left hand page give much poorer results.  Something like 50% fewer responses than an advert on the right hand page. 

That means that if two advertisers pay £900 for an advert and one gets 50% fewer responses then they have effectively paid double per response.

Of course this isn't the only mistake that many advertisers make … there are dozens of things you can get right .. or wrong and it isn't difficult to see why Most Advertising Doesn't Work.

For the record, the advertising manager at the magazine I placed the advert in tells me that, out of the dozens of advertisers  placing ads in the next edition, only two of us asked for right hand page.