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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

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Who is the Marketing Magician?

The Marketing Magician is a registered trade mark belonging to Stefan Drew.  Stefan is owner/director of a marketing consultancy in the UK, where the BBC regularly introduce him as The Marketing Magician. .


The name was registered after a client repeatedly introduced Stefan to his staff as our Marketing Magician.  The BBC then started using The Marketing Magician when they introduced Stefan as a guest on various radio stations across the UK. 


The name has stuck and can now be found refering to Stefan on approxiamtely 230,000 webpages worldwide.  From the UK to Australia, China, Portugal, USA  … in fact in over 100 countries people have read about The Marketing Magician on local and international websites.  


To learn more about Stefan’s work as The Marketing Magician visit his website at .. or just Google Marketing Magician and see the extent of his work and marketing reach.