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RePurposing Your Marketing for Niche Markets

Think Smart: Because Marketing can be Time Consuming and Expensive You Have to Find Ways to Cut Costs and Maximise the Return on your Efforts.

Repurposing Your Marketing Content for Each of Your Niche Markets is a Great Way To Do This




Here are several tips rolled into one about how to maximise the return from your marketing efforts.  It combines ideas about: –

  • Segmenting your market into niches
  • The use of video marketing using YouTube and embedded video
  • Getting your name and products in front of thousands of people that are interested in how you can help them


 How it Works: An example that drove specific businesses to engage with me.  


In this case I wrote an article for a very clearly defined market segment and illustrated it with a video I’d produced (for another purpose – and so had repurposed it).  The article was added to a sector specific website that attracts high quality guest writers and industry leaders. 


Videos are very effective as they engage more senses than many other marketing channels.  Targeting niche market is always a good idea as you can more effectively match your message with the needs of the audience.  Getting onto a niche website that has thousands of visitors all interested in your subject and proposition helps even more.


More Simple RePurposing Techniques


  • The original video has also been embedded on many other websites so using it again really is about repurposing it.
  •   It is also optimized on YouTube
  • I also posted both the article, and this post, on various social media platforms and will hold workshops on how to produce the videos and repurpose marketing material to niche markets in your sector.
  • Finally I will promote this page and the article via LinkedIn Groups.


All of the above are simple marketing techniques you can copy to promote your business.  So take action today and obtain the maximum bangfor your marketing buck.



Another spin off from this strategy is that it builds superb incoming links from links you put in your content or footer.


Free Marketing Strategies: Even More Website Navigation Basics

More Website Navigation and Menu Basics


When linking to external sites ensure the new site opens in a new window.  It confirms to the user that this is something new … and when they leave that website they find you again!  Don't disappear from sight .. be there for further browsing.


Years ago a lot of websites were designed using "frames".  Essentially this set up "boxes" on the webpage into which you placed text, pictures etc.  Today that is old technology.  It tends to load slowly and looks a bit amateurish. So don't use frames.


Image links … Ensure any links to images are clear .. or people will miss them.


Check regularly for missing or broken links.  This isn't difficult as many sites provide systems to do this.


Include accessibility for the Visually Impaired.


To see the rest of the Website Navigation Basics click on the links below

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