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How to lose business on Twitter

Using Twitter for business is very effective .. but you can make mistakes and lose potential business


A business contact of mine is a real expert at what he does.  He is good at marketing, has great insight into his speciality and offers his customers real value.  I respect his expertise and decided to follow him on Twitter.  But there is a problem ………


This same person has deeply held personal beliefs, I know they are genuinely held and I respect him for them.  However when he Tweets he mixes a handful of brilliant business advice tweets with dozens of comments about his personal beliefs.  Sadly as much as I respect his beliefs I do not share them and they are actually contrary top my own beliefs on this topic. 


The result, however much I respect his personal beliefs I now don’t bother to read any of his tweets … and my bet is that others will also stop reading his tweets and following him.


The Solution to mixing personal and business Tweets


It is quite simply.  Have both a personal account and a business account.