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Tag: The Truth about Social Networking

Free Marketing: Social Networking Truth Number Four

You have seconds to get your message across.


This applies to social networking, emails, advertising and a host of other marketing media … what you say in your headline and opening words is very important.  If the headline doesn’t grab them people will not open your message.  If your message doesn’t grab them within seconds they surf off somewhere else.


What does this mean to you?  It means you have to write compelling headlines and copy. 


It also means you have to segment your customers.  Let me give you the example I quote to my college clients.


Colleges have customers from all walks of life: they range from school leavers looking for a career related course and adults looks for a leisure course to employers looking for courses related to their business operation. 


Each of these customers is interested in something totally different.  The school leaver is interested in courses and the social aspects of going to college, adults on leisure courses want to know what courses are offered over the summer and in the evenings, whilst the employer are interested in courses related to business .. courses such as health and safety, equipment operation etc.


So sending a message about Forklift Truck training might interest some of your employers, but those customers looking for leisure courses and courses for school leavers will not be interested. 


So why include them in the same social network group? 


The same principle will apply to your customers and prospects.


This is where you need to segment your social networking. Set up several accounts.  Ensure each account targets one segment of your market e.g. school leavers, leisure adults and employers. You might even want to sub divide these down into types of employer or industry.  After all there is no point telling a hairdresser about your forklift courses. They will just stop following you.