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Which Stefan Drew are you looking for?

Google the name Stefan Drew and you’ll find hundreds of results …. but this isn’t one person dominating cyberspace. 

There are actually two people called Stefan Drew on the web and both have a high profile on Google.  Both are 5’11” tall and have connec tions with the US and Canada.

Confused?  Read on.



SStefan drew, The Marketing Magiciantefan Drew aka The Marketing Magician, is a UK based marketing expert who has worked with US based clients and has been interviewed by Canadian radio.

Visit Stefan’s website and LinkedIn Profile for more information

Twitter: @StefanDrewe




Stefan Drew hockey playerStefan Drew the HOCKEY player is based in Canada but played Ice Hockey for Sacred Heart University






Thanks to Mike Seddon at UK based KKSmarts, whose idea this page was.

Mike solved the problem of lots of traffic looking for my namesake and not finding what they wanted.  

How to Market: 30+ QuestionsTo Improve Your Business Marketing

The following questions will immediately pinpoint where your business marketing is doing well – and where you can take action that will produce rapid results at minimal cost.


Each question you answer ‘no’ is an opportunity to save money and time .. an essential as budgets tighten.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you spot opportunities and to motivate your team to improve your marketing.  


Why not try these questions with your team?


Have fun!




1. Budgets are tight but do you know about the hundreds of highly effective free marketing channels and techniques you could be using?


They don’t cost a penny and are largely ignored because most people don’t believe anything free has any value.  They are wrong!


2. Can you name at least 30 of free marketing channels and techniques? 

How many of them are you currently using?


3. Do you monitor your website stats on at least a weekly basis?

It isn’t enough that your IT team do this .. they aren’t marketing professionals.


Do you know how people visit your website?

How many type in your URL?

How many get referred by other sites?

How many use a search engine to find you?


4. What search keywords bring you most traffic?

Why is this? 

Do you know how to optimise this effect?  

Does it indicate the need for new products or services?


5. Which other sites are referring visitors to you?

Can you optimise this? 

Do you know how to improve their anchor text to improve your search rankings?

Do you know how to ensure other sites refer visitors to you?


6. Does your business appear on Google Places?


Many website visitors will be looking on your site for your telephone number.  Can it be found on every page without clicking or scrolling?


About 10% of the average websites visitors already know the business and want to make contact .. if they can’t find a way to do so they soon surf off .. and never come back.  Even businesses with several offices can easily overcome this problem .. do you know how?


7. Are your ads powerful direct response ads that compel the reader to contact you – or are they mundane like all your competition?

Does you understand the difference between brand advertising and direct response advertising?


8. Do you advertise in certain publications just because your competitors do?

Do you test the response rate from all adverts?

Do you split test your advertising to establish what works best .. and what doesn’t?


9. With budgets being cut do you have a strategy to cope with a 10%, 25% or 50% cut over and above your current situation?


 Cutting your marketing budget is NOT the answer.


10. If a visitor visits your website can they easily find suitable products or services .. or does your website language inhibit them?


Do they understand the terms and jargon you use on your site .. in fact can they even find a link on your homepage that will take them to an appropriate area of your website.


11. Do you know the names of any of the people that visited your website in the last 24 hours?

I mean visitors that you have never met before but were interested enough to find your site .. isn’t letting them leave without engaging with them a waste of your marketing effort?


12  Could you contact previous website visitors again?

Without their name or contact details it is impossible .. so what is your strategy to obtain visitors name and contact details?


13 . Can you and your team name three things that set you apart from the competition?

Have you ever told your customers and prospects what it is?

Have you ever explained it to the media?

Is it a really closely guarded secret? 


14. Have you tested Telemarketing to attract new customers?

Did you accurately measure the results?

Do you use follow up tactics to engage these people?

Or did you give up after a single phone call?


15. Have you tested direct mail (DM) with existing or potential new customers?

What response rate did you get?


The DM industry average is 1-2% .. our last campaign achieved >21% .. Do you know how to achieve this sort of result?


16. Do you test and measure ALL of your marketing efforts .. or indeed any of them?

Do you have a strategy for measuring marketing results?

Do you feed these back to your team and/or review them via your team meetings or other mechanism?

Do you use this information to influence your marketing?

Do you feed the results back to your senior team….. where it might influence the business plan?


17. Do you have a marketing plan?

Does it include an Emarketing strategy/plan?

Do all your team have an input/access to it?

Do you monitor it at least monthly?

Do you examine/report any variation from it?

Do you respond to positive variance as well as negative?


18.  Do you split test your webpages to see which headlines, fonts, colours, photos etc work best?

Do you know how to set up your website to do this automatically?


19. Have you tested PR to attract new customers?

Not just as a means to distribute a news story but to attract new customers

Did you accurately measure the results?


20. Do you employ viral PR strategies?

Do your new stories go worldwide?

Can reporters, searchers and prospective customers find them online when they Google a keyword contained within them?


21. Do you communicate benefits rather than features in all your marketing channels?

On your website?

In brochures / leaflets/ the prospectus, posters, flyers etc?


22. Do you use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to market to pre-qualified prospects?


23. Do you have a Social Marketing Strategy?

Having a Twitter, Facebook or other account is NOT enough.


What is your strategy?

What key messages are you trying to convey?

Are your messages relevant to this segment? .. Remember to target each segment very carefully.

How do you monitor responses to your Tweets and posts?

Are you wasting your time or getting a great response?


24. Do you use online business networking?

It needn’t stop with Twitter and Facebook .. how about the business networks?

Are you using business networks to market products and services to existing customers and prospects?

Do you have a written strategy?

If not, how do you know if this is working?


25. Do you establish the ROI of ALL your marketing activities?

Do you know which marketing channels give you the best results, in terms of your financial or staff time allocation?

Do you use a ROI template?

Do your staff ALL understand the rationale behind this?


26. Do you obtain and use testimonials from your best customers?


Did you know that putting them on a single webpage is not as effective as putting specific testimonials on pages relevant to the testimonial.



27. Do you use Pay Per Click, such as Google Adwords, as a research tool?


Managed correctly Adwords are an incredibly effective and low cost way to market your business.  Have you tried them yet?


28. How much time each year do your key team members spend learning leading edge marketing and/or sales skills?


We should all spend some time improving our marketing skills or we wil get left behind.


29. Do you know about RATE Marketing as a means to: –

 Reduce marketing spend

Automate much of your marketing

Test, measure and improve your marketing

Engage more fully with prospects and customers?




30 . Do you send regular email communications to your customers and prospective customers?


I don’t mean sales messages. I mean messages that provide valuable information and help your customers.  This helps to build relationships.




31. If I could help you with any of the above would you be interested in a

no-obligation phone conversation?


 If so email me, and let’s make an appointment. 


 PS There are hundreds of other questions you should be asking .. and each is an opportunity to improve your marketing.