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Ten Reasons to Call your Best Customer … and Get More Business

Ten Reasons to Phone or Skype Your Ten Best Customers


I often task people with identifying their ten best customers and urge them to keep in touch with them. Most people can see the sense in keeping in contact .. but still postpone making that call.


So here are a few reasons people don’t call .. and ten things to say when you make the call.


So if you have ever postponed making a phone call here are some ideas that will help. Remember staying in touch is by far the most successful ways to open doors. Yet there is a world of difference between knowing this and picking up the phone.


Reasons not to make that important phopne call.


1. “It’s so long since we have spoken, they will wonder why I am calling now”

2. “They are busy. I don’t want to interrupt or irritate them”

3. “There is always the risk of spoiling a good relationship”

4.“I need a really good reason to call; rather than just a casual ‘How are you today?’”


There are hundreds of things we could say about each of these excuses. The thing is …. we know we ought to make the call so I suggest you take Richard Branson’s advice and “Just do it”

Here are some reasons to call your best customers .. and even total strangers you want to make contact with.


1. “I read something in the paper that I thought would interest you … or reminded me of you”


2. “May I ask for your advice about something ….” (You can also use this with complete strangers.)


3. “I would like to invite you to ….” (It really doesn’t matter if they can attend, they will still appreciate an invitation.)


4. “I’m looking for X, who do you know who who could help me?”


5. “I have a photo / image that I thought you would particularly appreciate …”


6. “I came across a software package / web site / tip for saving money that I thought you would find useful.”


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