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How to easily sell events and products online .. without finance or web design skills


Selling online is much easier than many business think. Some businesses, such as Amazon, are really expert at selling online.


Online selling is also ideal for smaller businesses and “levels the playing field”   to such an extent that, often, a small business can do better than a large one.


Using proprietary software such as EventBrite and PayPal will allow you to sell tickets to events online. 


PayPal, used via a shopping cart, is an excellent way to sell products or services via a website.  It is easier than it looks .. so try it.


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How to Increase Your Business Profits with Upsells

Upselling is a very simple way to Increase Your Business Profit with little effort or expense.


Companies like MacDonalds and Amazon make millions from upselling.  But it isn’t just large companies that can profit from upselling.  Small businesses can also make significant extra revenue and profits from upselling.  Making an upsell can be as easy as asking one simple question. 


I’ve made an audio that explains what this question is .. in fact in the audio I give you two example questions you can ask or modify to suit your individual circumstances. 


So listen to the audio now

Increasing Profits by Upselling




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Specialising and Increasing Profits

Alternative Business Strategies: Pile it high and sell it cheap versus Sell one item and sell it well at profit?

Which one do you do?  Do you have loads of different products and services for customers or do you focus on just one thing and do it well?  Do you have a name for excellence in just one field or with a single product or service?


It might seem pie in the sky but some restaurants really specialise and prosper because of it.  the following post is about a restaurant that specialises in afternoon teas and one that only serves chicken!


Both have a prosperous business model.   Read more at Restaurant Marketing: Single item menus pay dividends.

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Embedding Video in your LinkedIn Profile

Embedding a Video in your YouTube profile is quick and easy if you follow these simple steps.


You can choose where to embed it and engage with people far more effectively than by simple words. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words ,, but a video is much more powerful.



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