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Website Sin 7 ….. Not Integrating On-line and Off-line Marketing

There are Eight Cardinal Sins many website owners make and the seventh of these is


Not Integrating On-line and Off-line Marketing


Your website can be your best marketing tool and grow your business ….or it can damage your business irreparably.  This article, number seven in a series of eight, examines one of the key website sins that you must avoid if your website is to be successful.

Having an online marketing strategy is not enough on its own.  It needs to be integrated with the offline strategy.  If you are running a campaign offline, say an advertising campaign to promote your newsletter, then it should also appear online in a similar form.  Certainly the same images and copy should appear in both campaigns and they should work to reinforce one another.  What you don’t want are two separate campaigns with conflicting images and copy.  This will lead to confusion and confused people take the easy way out – in this case they do nothing and don’t subscribe.

Think of it this way. We know that message repetition is good at reinforcing the ideas we are trying to get people to remember and recall. Think of the nursery rhymes and songs you learnt as a child. you heard them over and over again and they are now part of your memory and almost impossible to erase. you may have learnt them years ago, and may not have thought of them since, but hear a few words or a few notes and you can recall the whole thing.

Well our messages need to work in a similar way. We need our prospects to see or hear our message several times if they are to remember them. If they see them in several formats it will help to reinforce the message and they will retain it longer. Remember those early songs and nursery rhymes; several people probably recited or sung them to you and this helped reinforce the message. So if a prospect sees the same message on-line and off-line it will help them recall your message.


So how do you do this? The easiest way is to ensure that you use the same straplines, logos, catch phrases, images and sounds in all campaigns. It isn't difficult, is likely to cost you less in design and production of artwork and will significantly improve your return on investment.

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Website Sin 6 ….. Not Having an Emarketing Strategy


There are Eight Cardinal Sins many website owners make and the sixth of these is


Not Having An Emarketing Strategy


Having a well-optimised site with lots of visitors should make it quite easy for a website to "sell" an offer, services or products. This is not the case.

Many sites have poor navigation and make the "purchase" process far to cumbersome to sell anything. By purchase I mean anything from signing up to a newsletter to actually buying a product online. In all cases the process and rules are the same.


If you "hide" the link to the action or sales page it will be hard to find and will not sell much. One site I looked at recently had a menu bar that used orange text on a red background. It was hard to see by those with good eyesight and impossible if the visitor were colour blind.


The message here is to ensure your site is easy to read and navigate with clear links and buttons.

Other strategies include ensuring that "calls to actions" like an email function, newsletter subscription or shopping carts are easy to use. There is an inevitable loss of "sales" every time another page is displayed during the sales process. Therefore keep the number of pages to a minimum and make the process as easy as possible.


You can check to see where you have "leakage" in the process by using Google Analytics, or similar, to check bounce rates and more importantly where the visitor goes next. It is then possible to devise a tactic to "plug" the gap.


Having got your website working you also need to ask how visitors will find your site. Being on Page One of Google will help. If you can't do this via the natural or organic listings consider using Google Adwords, advertising on other sites or ensuring you have links from other sites as a first step.


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