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What Richard Branson Says About My Simple Advice.

Over the last last ten years I’ve developed my RATES Marketing Strategy.


The S stands for Simple.


I believe everything you do should be as simple as possible. 

 But simple is rarely simple.  You have to look beyond the complex to find simple.  The reason is simply this, being complex lies simple.  To get there means a lot of hard work.

Once there life is much easier and the complex things that consumed all your time and energy suddenly become simple.,  You save time and money and become more effective.


Here’s is what Richard Branson says on the subject.


“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”


What do you want to make simple? 

Do you want to talk it through with me?

Then call me.


Does Your CRM Make You Profit?

As times get tougher keeping track of prospects and customers becomes increasingly important.

A good customer relationship management CRM system is vital.  Many people think that this means a software package.  It might … but it needn’t.


CRM is actually a philosophy not a software system.  It is all about keeping a record of prospects and customers that will help you build a working relationship with them and help you deal with them more effectively. 

For very small businesses a simple  paper system might suffice.  For others a simple Excel spreadsheet might be the answer.


Once you have a lot of customers, or several staff interfacing with your customers then it may be the time to consider a dedicated CRM software system. 


The first decision is to decide: –

  • What you need to achieve
  • Who is going to use it
  • What functions they will need
  • Where they will use it .. in office, on road, at home etc
  • What they will need today and in the future


The next decision is to choose a system based on the above, price, reliability, … and a host of technical considerations.


You might also need to run an autoresponder system such as that provided by Aweber, Mailchimp, Offfice AutoPilot or one of the other similar systems .. but that is the subject of another post. 


To learn more please feel free to contact us … and we will put you in contact with some real experts in CRM systems and solutions. 

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