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Is Social Media Important in the Online Purchasing Process?

Is Social Media An Important Aspect of Online Selling?


Watch the video and see the evidence.



Video Transcript

Does Social Media Play a Part in The Customer Journey to Online Purchase?



Sam asked me if she should focus on social media as a way to drive online sales.


A lot of people say social media is the best marketing channel ever devised.


I disagree.


Here’s some of the evidence.


Google analysed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics and distilled how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions.


I’ll demonstrate by using the benchmarks in this tool to show the roles these channels play.


Let’s look at the first example …..


This is how large businesses in the UK influence online purchasing in the Arts and Entertainment Sector.


Social media plays little part according to the millions of Google Analytics accounts analysed.


Let’s now look at a number of other industries and see what is important in terms of making online sales.




As can be seen, which marketing channel is most important depends on the industry.  Social tends to be relatively unimportant in most sectors and I’d advise focusing on other platforms in most cases.


However social media is made up of many facets and I know that in the education sector the use of video promos on Facebook is very effective.


So you need to take the evidence provided by Google and blend it with your customer profile.  Then you can find a selection of marketing channels that compliment one another as part of the customer journey.  


How can people use social media effectively to market business?

Social media offers more than the chance to post or Tweet

Social media provides a huge range of opportunities for businesses to market themselves.  E.g. personal and business profiles, groups where like-minded people share information, participate in question and answer forums, advertise, run surveys etc. 


Social media also offers opportunities to research the sites databases to find people to do business with – e.g. to sell to, for joint ventures, etc. 


Don’t limit yourself to just posting the odd item.