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How Quickly Can A New Page Appear in the Google Search Results

cherry-pickers-powered-access-booms-scissor-lifts-coventry“It Takes Years, or an SEO Expert Working Day & Night,  for a Page to Appear on Page One of Google”

That’s what the SEO experts tell me.   

James has been asking about how to get on Page One Of Google and I’ve been explaining how to do this seemingly impossible task. 

So I set about designing a simple webpage, with a very simple search phrase, that could compete for a Page One ranking on Google.

To make it harder for myself I decided to go for the number one spot .. no point in taking on half a challenge.  



What SEO “Experts” Don’t Understand

Ever had an email from an SEO Expert claiming they can get you on Page One of the Major Search Engines?SEO multipurpose tool


I did  this morning and, although it is easy to put these emails in the junk, it is sometimes worth reading them .. and then consigning them to junk.


You see these people perpetuate some of the SEO myths that are being circulated and I’d like to point out a few errors they make but you needn’t.


This is one of the paragraphs in their long email this morning .. and what you can do to overcome the myth it perpetuates. 

Let me tell you that your website still does not organically rank on major search engine’s first page for most of the popular keywords, which means people searching for your products are not able to find your website and you are losing traffic.

It firstly assumes that they know the keywords applicable to your website.  It also assumes you want to rank for the most popular keywords.