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SEO Secrets: As Seen Via Satellite In 22 Countries

SEO is Global.  The Same SEO Secrets Apply Worldwide

In the following video I reveal some of my SEO Secrets for the first time on TV.  The video was made for ITN Productions and has been broadcast to 22 countries.  

But that is not the only secret. The video is actually just one side of the film that went out.  Due to technical problems we couldn’t film both sides at once.  So I was given the questions and filmed my reply in my office in the UK.  Then I sent them the video and they slotted question and answer together.  So if the film appears disjointed that is the  reason.  So the secret here is that it was filmed on my iPhone and that this is good enough quality for broadcasting via satellite.  Amazing. 

So enjoy both the SEO Secrets and the fact you can also make broadcast quality video on an iPhone.


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SEO Secrets: Internal Links are a SEO Essential

How to use internal links to boost your website search engine ranking (SERPS)


Internal links that are based on accurate anchor text are a simple way to increase your position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). They aren’t quite as powerful as Incoming Links but the beauty of internal links is that you have total control of how many , where they point and the anchor text.


Link internal links to an incoming link strategy (via accurate anchor text), and your chances of getting a good position in the SERPS is significantly improved.


Internal links are used to link related pages, within the same website, together.  The keywords, or phrases,  used to make these links are referred to as anchor text.  Anchor text should be based on words that describe the content of the page it links to.  Don’t use words like “click here” as it doesn’t describe the content of the page that is being linked. 


Rather use words that people are using in their searchs (use keyword tools and Google Insights to determine these).


Every webpage you produce could use internal links going to and from them and you can produce them without any expensive SEO experts being paid a penny!




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SEO Secrets: Google Penalises Too Much Above the Fold Webpage Advertising

Google's Page Layout Algorithm (Top Heavy Algorithm) is designed to improve customer experience by demoting sites that have too much advertising above the fold.

Google knows that if customer experience is good on a website then visitors will stay longer and value their visit and the information they find.  Conversely they know that if visitors find a site or page that is full of ads, especially above the fold, they are likely to leave very quickly.


So Google doesn't want to promote sites that give a bad customer experience as it reflects on the Google search engine .. and Google could make less money from advertising. So it is penalising sites that have pages top heavy with ads. Apparently only about 1% of English language sites are affected.  not many .. unless it is yours.  Watch your advertising above the fold .. and keep it under control.

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SEO Secrets: Is Article Writing a Good SEO Technique?

A few years ago Article Writing was acclaimed as a leading SEO technique.  But does article writing still work as an effective SEO technique?


One free way to get on Page One of Google is to get good incoming links.  Based on this, a few years ago,  article writing became one of the things to do to get search engine results.  

People wrote articles, submitted them to article sites and let other people use them with attributions back to the writer and their website.  It was form of viral marketing, but does it work today?


Does Article Writing improve SEO results today?


The answer is definitely NO. ……………  Unless you follow certain rules


The technique used to be to submit an article to a site that encouraged others to republish it.


Typically the sort of sites that republish articles tend to be low quality sites that are using your articles to help them sell from the page.  Your article acts a bait for people but isn’t appreciated as a quality article by the site or readers.


Even where your article is excellent (and I’m sure it will be if you follow my simple article writing tips) the other articles on the site will be thrown together for the sole purpose of building links.  often these sites wil guide you by saying the articles need to be 400 words long .. which means people write for word count rather than quality.  This is all bad news for you, the person that writes great articles.



Article Writing Rules That Really Work


As mentioned articles can work for you, provided you follow a few simple rules.  Write good copy for a specific target audience and only place it on high quality sites.  Ensure the anchor text used is really spot on and leads to good quality links.  That way you will build really good incoming links and will be able to use articles to enhance your site.


Some examples of article writing that works for me include articles on the FE News website.  FE News is a highly respected site that targets UK based colleges and training providers with editorial from government ministers and leading experts from the education sector.  My articles on marketing have excited a lot of interest, phone calls and contracts.   For example I wrote about How to Engage College Customers More Effectively  and received several calls .. and high quality incoming links.


Another place where articles work well for me is in Portugal where I target ex-pats via the English language news site Algarve Daily News. For example at the beginning of the year I wrote a piece about How to Improve Your Marketing in 2012  which included a marketing audit.  The Algarve Daily News has attracts a lot of readers each week and is an excellent way for me to link back to specific articles that link to topics relevant to my subject matter.  


So to conclude .. article writing for poor quality sites doesn’t work .. don’t waste your time.

Article writing for good quality sites that are relevant and have the right readership will provide links, quality traffic, phone calls and contracts.

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