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Infuriating SEO Problems That Need Fixing: Ranking Problems

SEO Why ranking MattersWhy Do My Rankings Keep Dropping?

This is a question I’m often asked by website owners.  One minute they are ranking OK then they suddenly plummet and can’t be found.

Why is this?

Well it certainly is an infuriating problem and I’m afraid the answer isn’t necessarily going to satisfy you either.  

You see there are several reasons why your rankings can yoyo .. yeah, they go up as well as down (but no one complains when they go up). 


1. Google made some changes to their algorithm.

As they make hundreds of these each year this is the most likely cause of problems. But remember that if a change made by google sends some people down the rankings, then other people must go up. And that could be one of your pages.


SEO Secrets: As Seen Via Satellite In 22 Countries

SEO is Global.  The Same SEO Secrets Apply Worldwide

In the following video I reveal some of my SEO Secrets for the first time on TV.  The video was made for ITN Productions and has been broadcast to 22 countries.  

But that is not the only secret. The video is actually just one side of the film that went out.  Due to technical problems we couldn’t film both sides at once.  So I was given the questions and filmed my reply in my office in the UK.  Then I sent them the video and they slotted question and answer together.  So if the film appears disjointed that is the  reason.  So the secret here is that it was filmed on my iPhone and that this is good enough quality for broadcasting via satellite.  Amazing. 

So enjoy both the SEO Secrets and the fact you can also make broadcast quality video on an iPhone.