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SEO Secrets: As Seen Via Satellite In 22 Countries

SEO is Global.  The Same SEO Secrets Apply Worldwide

In the following video I reveal some of my SEO Secrets for the first time on TV.  The video was made for ITN Productions and has been broadcast to 22 countries.  

But that is not the only secret. The video is actually just one side of the film that went out.  Due to technical problems we couldn’t film both sides at once.  So I was given the questions and filmed my reply in my office in the UK.  Then I sent them the video and they slotted question and answer together.  So if the film appears disjointed that is the  reason.  So the secret here is that it was filmed on my iPhone and that this is good enough quality for broadcasting via satellite.  Amazing. 

So enjoy both the SEO Secrets and the fact you can also make broadcast quality video on an iPhone.


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How Quickly Can A New Page Appear in the Google Search Results

cherry-pickers-powered-access-booms-scissor-lifts-coventry“It Takes Years, or an SEO Expert Working Day & Night,  for a Page to Appear on Page One of Google”

That’s what the SEO experts tell me.   

James has been asking about how to get on Page One Of Google and I’ve been explaining how to do this seemingly impossible task. 

So I set about designing a simple webpage, with a very simple search phrase, that could compete for a Page One ranking on Google.

To make it harder for myself I decided to go for the number one spot .. no point in taking on half a challenge.  



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Poor SEO Offer from Webdesigner

SEO Search engine Optimisation 2 SEO is essential to your website success but sometimes what a web designer offers is worse than useless


To understand the context of this post you need first to read Do I need SEO


Here is what the webdesigner offered in the way of SEO


He wrote, “Here’s what I can offer:

1. SEO Set Up (Analytics, keyword research and analysis and extra on-site SEO)

2) 1 month of SEO development (directory link building, submitting articles to article directories)

3) Social Media Setup and integration

4) Generating Twitter content and building a targeted Twitter audience (x 3 months)

5) PPC Account setup with Google Adwords (includes a minimum of £30 of ad credits)”


The cost is apparently £75 a month


Poor SEO Offer

To be honest, in my opinion, most of that is smoke and mirrors and he must be a little naive if he thinks it is half way to being a decent proposal.


Here are my thoughts in more detail ….


What is one month of SEO development, is it 7-8 hours a day for four weeks .. or 20 mins over a coffee?

isn’t SEO. It is advertising and you will have to pay for the ads after the initial £30 credit expires.  This isn’t mentioned and could cost you dear.  I’m not saying PPC isn’t worth it, .. it often is, but I’d like a more detailed proposal before enter into this money pit.

Keywords – the most important ones will be the designers names, type
of garment (e.g brown wrap over dress).  After that there are free
Google tools you can use yourself. 

Twitter content.  If you
write your blog that is Twitter content .. you just need to send it. You
could even tweet about a particular dress .. just take a page url and
send it with a message saying  “Brown warp over dress for
evening wear” and add a #fashion hashtag.  Simple really and you can do
it from your armchair when watching TV – that’s how I do mine!

All the above is a bit vague for a regular payment. A student or school kid could do it better for pocket money!

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