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How Coffee Shops Can Sell More and Make More Profit

A recent trip to Stratford upon Avon made me think about How Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels Can Sell More and Make More Profit.


Like everywhere else Stratford has its fair share of Coffee shops.  Chains like Starbucks, Costa etc seem to be everywhere and to be honest I detest them.  What other business would make you queue to place an order and pay for it and then expect you to stand and wait even longer to be given the coffee before you even find a table? 


So when out I look for somewhere where they value customers enough to provide customer service.  I look for a coffee shop where there is some atmosphere, where I can go in and get a table and someone will come and take my order, bring my coffee and at the end take my payment …. all with a few friendly words and a smile.


The thing is these places recognise that not everyone wants the formulaic “American” type chain coffee shop where everything is preceded by a queue.  And this doesn’t just apply to older people.  The coffee shop i went to, despite being in a Tudor building is modern enough to attract young people.  In fact at one stage I was the oldest person there!


And it isn’t just about the absence of queues.  The customer service is better in other ways, the waitress asked if we’d like a cake, sandwich or scrumptious desert with our coffee (upselling) and was generally pleasant.  What more she was very young .. but didn’t give the typical service so many young people give .. she had been trained by the business.  


Asking questions that sell and being trained don’t have to cost much .. if anything but a small amount of time.  However they make more profit for any business.


So what makes this business stand out.  They recognised their USPs (unique selling points) as being service, a smile and a few questions .. but no queues.  It made a point of difference and differentiated them from their competitors.


The coffee shop that made my day, in Stratford upon Avon, was called Hathaways Tea Rooms and made enough impression on me to recommend them to you!  

Top Ten Selling Secrets

 Is Selling Simple?: Read these simple selling secrets


The idea of Selling frightens many business people.  It shouldn’t.  The steps to a successful sale are all part of a simple logical process that is based on a simple series of pre-planned, well-executed steps.  You can learn how to sell.


1. The number of sales you make is closely related to the effort and planning you put into the sales process.  Simply put you get out what you put in.


2.  No one makes a sale every time.  If someone doesn’t buy it is not you they are rejecting; they may not be ready to buy at that time.  Don’t despair get back out there are try again.  


3. Selling is not marketing, marketing is not selling.  They are totally different skills and just because you are good at one doesn’t make you good at the other


4. There is an old saying amongst good sales people … Telling is not selling.  Just telling someone about a product isn’t enough.  You need to demonstrate the benefits and engage with their emotions


5. You can’t sell the unsellable … Or as sales people say “You cannot close what’s not close-able.”  Is your product or service what people or businesses really want.  If not don’t waste your time trying to push it!


6. No is ok. Of course it isn’t the answer you want to hear but you can discover why, overcome that objection or move on.  Every no brings you closer to yes; and wasting time on those that don’t want to buy is a waste of time.


7. Likeability is important but not everything.  People buy from people so it is important that people like you.  But spending hours being liked isn’t actual;ly selling your product! 


8. In sales we are all equal – buyer and seller. Selling isn’t one sided.  the buyer has options so don’t try to dominate the process and don’t imagine you can ignore their needs and wants.


9. It’s not about perfection, it’s about doing it.  You don’t have to be perfect at sales .. you just have to sell.  Often that is about mindset.


10. Sales are simple.  Sales Success = mindset + process + action!  It is as simple as that.