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We Are Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes

We Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We'll Be With You ShortlyWe Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We’ll Be With You Shortly

It doesn’t matter if you phone a bank, utility, council, a myriad of public services or the private sector. They all seem to be Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes than they expected. So it seems like they don’t expect people to call them and they’ve been taken them completely by surprise.


It makes you doubt their competence to handle your money, electric, gas, phones or local services when they can’t even estimate the volume of calls they get on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon that is no different to last week or the week before when they were also experiencing higher call volumes than they expected. Do they understand nothing about Marketing and Sales? 


Making A Sale: Why Language Matters

Most People Have a Vocabulary of About 20,000 WordsNetworking: Why Language Matters

That is words they understand, even if they don’t use them every day.

We need these words to act as a shorthand to describe and think about all sorts of things.  These words help us to think quickly and not have to use a dozen or more smple words to describe what a single word can describe.

For example, take the word anaesethic.  You know what it means but can you even spell it?  And yes, my American friends don’t spell it this way.  

OK so now explain what anaesethic means in less than a dozen words.  Use words that a ten year old will understand. 

See how hard it is to be concise even when you know what it means. You have to take time to choose your words carefully.  But once you know what a word  means you don’t have this problem any more.

So to be good at thinking we need to know as many words as possible.  This is certainly true in our field of expertise.   So IT people understand words like parse.

Could you explain parse?