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Do You Want to Transform Your Working Life … Then Relax a Little

IMG_3101_edited-1 Working life is often frenetic.  There are deadlines to meet, people want us to spend fortunes on products and services that we don't want or need and it is difficult to think straight. 


At times like this I head off to the beaches of the Jurassic Coast where I have time to relax, walk and talk with valued friends.  I also cook, eat and drink some great food and drink.  The highlight however is getting out with a camera where I can become absorbed by the beauty around me … the result is business transformation.  I come back refreshed with new ideas that seem to just pop into my head when the pressure is off. 


Try it sometime ….but in the meantime enjoy a few views of my favourite coastline

IMG_3135_edited-2Early morning digging for bait on the Exe estuary  


Groynes are designed to ensure sand is not washed off the beach during storms … for me they are sculptural forms, bleached by sun and salt water, that look simply incredible.

IMG_3065_edited-1The Jurassic Coast is full of dramatic colour and old world English charm … it certainly takes you away from the frantic pace of every day life and provides you with the time to reflect and plan for the future