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The Media Need You … & Your Business

weather bombThe Papers Are Full Of Rubbish


Last December my local paper had the headline opposite on its front page.  It caught my attention ……. but it was just a scare story.  

I’m not sure where it came from as I didn’t see it anywhere else at the time. 

The storm never materialised. But it proved something to me.


The media are desperate for stories.

That’s good news really as it means you and I can supply them with stories and, if we make it easy for them, they will cover them.  In other words your business can be featured in the media without you having to pay for advertising.

To be fair fewer and fewer people read physical newspapers; but many are also online so getting free media coverage is something we all ought to consider.  And it’s not just newspapers, think about the trade press and leisure magazines as well. 

NewsJacking: Does Newsjacking take a lot of time?

Jon, a member of my MasterMind Group, asked how I found time for Newsjacking.



Here’s my answer ….

You don’t really have to spend much time on the news.  Just listen to the headlines as these are the best stories to respond to.  This took me about 90 seconds
this moning and if I’m near a radio later today I’ll listen to the headlines again.


You can do the same by scanning newspaper headlines when passing a newsagents.  You don’t need to buy the paper.  Or go online and look at the newspaper or news service headlines.  What you don’t need to do is spend loads of time on it .. like most of you I don’t listen to much news at all.


Another member, Peter from Finland, asked if journalists would be interested in his opinion.


Peter, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are.  Journalists don’t care at all … they just need stories and comments to fill space.  If fact being Finnish might be an assett as you will probably be the first Finn to contact them!  I understand the cultural differences but use them to your advantage.


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Using Newsjacking as a Marketing and PR tool

NewsJacking: Does Newsjacking take a lot of time?

Top PR Techniques: Newsjacking


Using Newsjacking as a Marketing and PR tool


In previous posts and interviews I’ve mentioned Newsjacking and one of the questions I get asked about Newsjacking is “How long have you been using Newsjacking?”


I’ve actually been newsjacking for years (although I’d never heard it called that until a few years ago): in fact I probably started before the term was coined.


I guess my first real big newsjacking story was in November 1989 .. I was in Berlin the night the wall came down and was suddenly my local BBC radio station’s “Man in Berlin”
… and the interviews went on for weeks.

10 years later I was back in Berlin when my girlfriend and I were stopped on the street by a US TV station (ABC) and we were interviewed about the wall once again. 

Since then I’ve spotted stories every week for clients and my own business.  Sometimes, as recently, it has been a local news story for a client to respond to … other times it has been a national story for a national client.

The image at the top of this post is the result of a newsjacked story.  London Metropolitan University were recently in the national news when the UK border Agency threatened to deport 2700 of their students.  One of my clients offered support  to the students and the story got in the media.  The fact the London Met story was headline news for days consequentially had an effect on my client’s positive profile.

My other technique (not newsjacking) is to ensure the media call me or my clients as the authority on a list of topics (I’ve just had an enquiry tonight abut the use of free gifts as a marketing strategy .. a few weeks ago I did a piece for the BBC on the proposal to change cigarette packs and before that it was about the impact the Olympics had on business and how marketing fitted in to this.  There are some really simple techniques you can use to get the media to keep calling and it is easier than chasing them!

Newsjacking really is one of the simplest marketing tools ever invented .. and I include it in every marketing or PR plan I devise.  Clients love it. 


Interestingly the inventor of Newsjacking, David Meerman Scott, has commented in the comments below – I recommend his book.  Thanks David. 


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Using Newsjacking as a Marketing and PR tool

NewsJacking: Does Newsjacking take a lot of time?

Top PR Techniques: Newsjacking


Top PR Techniques: Newsjacking

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking can provide you with significant media opportunities

Newsjacking is a very simple technique that can get you significant media coverage with very little effort on your part.  Newsjacking is a a technique I've used to get media coverage around the world at absolutely no cost.  It has worked in over 80% of the times I've employed it for my clients or my own business.

Every day journalists fight deadlines to find an angle on stories and to answer the basic facts behind breaking news.  The need to know discover basic facts like who, what, where, when and how.


The problem is every other journalist is doing the same thing and everyones story will look the same.  The real challenge for the media is to get the "why" and to understand the implications of the event.


This part of the story, from someone they, and only they, can interview is gold dust.


In essence they need an angle no other journalist has.

When a story is breaking they need original content.  And they need it fast 

This where you come in.  If you can see an angle and can act fast with content that goes below the headline and paragraph one you can make the difference .. and you can be featured in the story.  Your name will appear right next to where it says "A leading expert commented". 

To attract the attention of journalists produce a media release and send it to them.  Post it on your website and ensure it is mentioned on every social media platform you can.  The idea is to grab the attention of the journalists and have them fighting for your comment.

Newsjacking means everyone is playing on a level playing field.  One person acting quickly can steal the story from the big players. Literally anyone can newsjack   YOU can NEWSJACK


Newsjacking is a powerful PR tool that will significantly raise your profile and leverage news momentum to further your own business profile.



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Using Newsjacking as a Marketing and PR tool

NewsJacking: Does Newsjacking take a lot of time?

Top PR Techniques: Newsjacking