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Do You Use Pen & Paper to Make Notes or a Laptop?

Donnie Bryant

I spotted a post on Facebook that Donnie Bryant @DonnieBryant liked and had to smile.

It was about some research into students making lecture notes on a laptop or with pen and paper.  It seems learning is more effective when pen and paper is used.  It is apparently especiallytrue when it comes to the understanding of concepts.

This seems contrary to living in a digital age. 

What got me smiling was that Donnie and I mastermind together.  The group is international and mainly virtual … everyone in it is an online marketer ….. and they use paper. 


When the group last physically met in the UK I looked around this group of savvy marketers, that included some of the best online marketers I’ve ever met, and they were all using pen and paper to take notes.  No one used a laptop or iPad to take notes.

So maybe the reason they are such good online marketers is because they use pen and paper for essentials? 

It makes you think?


Anyway back to Donnie Bryant.

Donnie also uses pen and paper and is one of those people that sees things with great clarity.  It is one of the reasons I asked him to contribute a chapter to Creating Business Growth.

His chapter is about “Why problems are good news”.

I’m not going to reveal all the answers here, as I’m limited on space, but part of the answer is because Problems Get Attention & Solving Them Gets Clients.

It makes sense to me and if you read Donnie’s chapter I think it’ll help you get clients.


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Free Marketing Ideas: How We Doubled Online Sales

How to Increase Online Sales


With billions of people going online every day Online Marketing is now established …. and very competitive.


Businesses of all types can sell in the online world and that includes traditional retailers, such as Henley Water Gardens, who have seen online sales grow at a significant rate for several years.

A few years ago, Jacqui and Pete at Henley Water Gardens ventured into online sales and starting to sell products.  Not satisfied with the volume of sales achieved they asked us to help them.  Using some fairly simple techniques, in one week alone, we managed to sell twice as much product from their website as they sold in the whole of the previous year.


The next year we more than doubled sales over the previous year. This year, to date, sales are  up 29.89% and we have several months to their year end in which to increase it yet more.


How did we increase online sales so dramatically?




We applied all the ideas we talk about in our marketing workshops.  Simple things like improved metatags, better page layout, improved content …. there is nothing difficult to master, just simple ideas to implement.      


The Henley Water Gardens site has a lot more potential and a lot more work is needed but it is realistic and achievable .. you site probably has the same potential.   


Above are just some of the simple ideas I cover on my marketing workshops and over the next few months I’m running a limited number of marketing workshops aimed at businesses like yours ……. and I’d like to personally invite you to attend one.



If you’d like to attend one of these events, or would like details of an event near you .. (in the last year I’ve run events in the UK and Europe) contact me now.



PPS I’m also taking on three more people on my one to one marketing mentor programme  .. phone me for details.

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Free Marketing: The Truth about Social Networking for Businesses 1


Businesses frequently tell me, with pride, that they are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other social networking sites.  It is as if they believe that by having a social network account they have cracked marketing and all their marketing problems are over.


If only it were that simple.


I also read social networking “experts” rants on social networking sites (where else) that some businesses just don’t get it.  Apparently if they aren’t “doing” social networking they don’t get it, are idiots, haven’t time or haven’t woken up to technology.


Again it isn’t that simple.


I have to confess that I love social networking.  I think it offers great opportunities for businesses to market themselves effectively without spending any money.


Sadly, once again, it isn’t that simple.


The truth is that social networking on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is an excellent way for some businesses to market themselves; but it certainly isn’t the answer for every business.



Social Networking Truth Number One

Social networking isn’t a marketing panacea.


There are hundreds of ways to market a business and whereas the use of social networking is a great way to get noticed there are other ways.


Many of the other marketing methods are actually easier than social networking; they are effectively the low hanging fruit you should harvest before looking elsewhere. 


For example I believe that having an effective website is far more important than social networking.  Your website is under your control, works 24/7, and is your business shop window.  Ensuring it has good content and good metatags etc. is far more effective, easier and quicker than setting up and implementing a social networking strategy.  Once a new page goes on your website it can sit there for years and get you enquiries every day .. a Tweet or post on a social networking site is less substantial and not as likely to find you the same level of business.


Another example of marketing that I believe is usually more effective for most businesses than social networking is PR.  Write a media release or article and your news can go worldwide very quickly.  You can be seen on websites, in papers and magazines, heard on radio or seen on TV. 


Does PR work?  Yes!


In the last few weeks my business has been featured on websites as far away as New Zealand .. as well as across the UK and Europe.  Of course the reality is that once your business is featured on a website you can be seen by people anywhere in the world. 


Some businesses tell me that being seen overseas isn’t important to them as they only trade locally.  If that were so then it wouldn’t be worth me going online to book accommodation, restaurants, car hire, and a load of other things before I go overseas on holiday or business.  And don’t forget that people that currently live overseas may be about to move close to you and may require furniture, carpets, a haulage company, a photographer .. or a host of other products and services.   


There are dozens of other marketing methods that you ought to consider before focusing on social networking.


Discover Social Networking Truth Number Two

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How many people research products and services online?

Who is searching for products and services online?


Google recently reported that 89% of consumers research products and services online before buying; 63% of searchers then buy offline.


So even people that will ultimately buy goods and services direct froma  traditional outlet will often search for them online before buying.  


I'm going to be revealing hundreds of Online and Offline Business Marketing Secrets at the Demystifying Online Business Marketing event @The_Limes near Birmingham on November 24th 2011.  Early Bird places are now available so book now.

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