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How NewsJacking With Video Raises Your PR Profile

nEWSJACKING WITH vIDEO AND RADIOPR is often considered to be expensive and slow. But NewsJacking With Video is Fast, Inexpensive and Very Effective.

Let me explain the basic techniques.


How NewsJacking With Video (or Radio/Audio) Works

  1. Select a Breaking News Story from the printed media or online.
  2. Write a short response
  3. Convert your response into a video
  4. Post your response on selected websites, blogs, social media etc.
  5. Send a link to relevant people e.g. Tweet and include a reporters twitter handle

Below is my response to a story I read on the BBC website at 9 am. By 9.50 am I’d written a short response and converted it into a video using  AI powered video making software. In a few minutes this software takes my written copy, adds images and asks me to approve it. I make any adjustments I want and click onto a music track from their library.

In the 50 minutes I’d also added the completed video to YouTube and posted the link to a niche website , FE News, where I write a regular column.

This was then shared via social media .. don’t forget to add hashtags to ensure a bigger audience.


Here’s the original BBC article

Below is my video and below that is my written content that is in the video.




NewsJacking: Does Newsjacking take a lot of time?

Jon, a member of my MasterMind Group, asked how I found time for Newsjacking.



Here’s my answer ….

You don’t really have to spend much time on the news.  Just listen to the headlines as these are the best stories to respond to.  This took me about 90 seconds
this moning and if I’m near a radio later today I’ll listen to the headlines again.


You can do the same by scanning newspaper headlines when passing a newsagents.  You don’t need to buy the paper.  Or go online and look at the newspaper or news service headlines.  What you don’t need to do is spend loads of time on it .. like most of you I don’t listen to much news at all.


Another member, Peter from Finland, asked if journalists would be interested in his opinion.


Peter, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are.  Journalists don’t care at all … they just need stories and comments to fill space.  If fact being Finnish might be an assett as you will probably be the first Finn to contact them!  I understand the cultural differences but use them to your advantage.