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Adwords: Why Education & Training Searchers Can Cost Your Business Dearly

People searching for Colleges, Education and Training can cost Adwords users dearly unless you use negative keywords   


People looking for college courses or general industry information aren't good news for your Adwords budget unless you are a college or specifically offer some form of education or training.


To stop your ads from running on these generic education and training searches you need to use negative keywords so that your ads aren't triggered by them.


Typical negative keywords will include

college, colleges, school, schools, FE, FHE, training, class, classes, course, courses, book, books, textbook, training provider, university, HE, Higher Education,

Negative Keywords: Removing Generic Information Searches from Adwords

Saving Google Adword Budgets: Removing General information searches


When searchers make general information searches, they’re almost always at the beginning of the buying cycle. By eliminating these searches from Adwords, you are able to focus your spend on people further into buying cycle.


These searchers are much more likely to convert into hot leads or customers. Stopping general info searches triggering your ads is easy.  Simply add, to your Adwords keywords list, negative keywords like:


what is

what are

how to









Of course if you want people to find your pages that feature “How to” etc these are obvious titles and metatags to do just that and you should be using them on your pages and incoming links.