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Is Networking a Worthwhile Marketing Strategy?

Figures_colored_teamwork_pass_puzzle_piece_300_clr_9681If Networking Works For YOU .. Go For It

The problem is most people define networking as going to a physical networking event.  It’s usually a Breakfast Networking event or an After Hours Networking event or, worse still in terms of the time it takes, a Networking lunch.

I think this is far too narrow a definition of networking.


I think networking is about the exchange of information or services between individuals, groups, or institutions.  More specifically it is about the cultivation of productive relationships that lead to things like employment or business.  It needn’t take place at a networking event.



Why Conventional Networking Often Fails


Here are some of my reasons why networking events often fail. 

Firstly,  most networking events are full of people trying to sell when they would be better trying to build relationships.

Secondly, a lot of networking events are promoted as being great by the organisers but don’t live up to expectations.  Often this is because the numbers may be there but they aren’t the people we ought to be networking with.  If you want to sell corporate jets you probably wouldn’t make many sales at a group specialsing in small businesses.

Sadly the organisers try to cover their backs on who is present by saying it is not just who is there but who people can introduce you to .. this is about a limp as saying it isn’t who reads your advert but who they will send a copy of it to.  

At this stage you might think I’m anti networking .. I’m NOT.  

Networking for me works best when I meet the right people, usually at an event that doesn’t have the word networking in the title.  In many cases it isn’t necessarily a physical event. LinkedIn groups are an excellent example of networking that few people recognise as such.  For me LI groups have put £000s on my bottom line via something I recognise as networking.  

Of course Face to Face works much better in most cases but it isn’t strictly necessary and I think Networking is often viewed far too narrowly without a real understanding of what it is really about.

So think carefully before you next go networking. Why are you attending the event?  Will the right people be there?  Do you have as relationship building strategy rather than a sales strategy in this situation? How are you going to measure success?


This book might also help you with your marketing.


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Specialising and Increasing Profits

Alternative Business Strategies: Pile it high and sell it cheap versus Sell one item and sell it well at profit?

Which one do you do?  Do you have loads of different products and services for customers or do you focus on just one thing and do it well?  Do you have a name for excellence in just one field or with a single product or service?


It might seem pie in the sky but some restaurants really specialise and prosper because of it.  the following post is about a restaurant that specialises in afternoon teas and one that only serves chicken!


Both have a prosperous business model.   Read more at Restaurant Marketing: Single item menus pay dividends.

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Montblanc Pens: How to Create Customer Desire for your Products or Services

Are Mont Blanc pens a luxury?
The Montblanc pen shop in Lisbon: where expensive pens are desired rather than needed

When you write a note do you need a Montblanc pen?

When people hand write notes they can use a pencil, biro, roller tip, felt tip or fountain pen.  Any of these will leave a mark on the paper and get your message over.  So, in simple terms, to write a note we need a pencil or pen. But some people prefer a Montblanc.


Pens and pencils are quite inexpensive items.  They also last quite a long time so no one is going to get rich selling a few pens. So how can you make much profit from pens and pencils .. or any other low cost product or service?  I took a lesson from Montblanc when I visited their Lisbon shop.


How to make a profit selling pens.

The trick is to move from what people need, a simple pencil or pen, into selling something they want!  You see no one needs an expensive pen when a low cost pen, maybe one they’ve been given, will do they job.  But create the desire for something exclusive, expensive or hard to get and you can create a desire where prospects decide they need this and will pay almost anything for it.  


Montblanc have perfected this changing need into want.  Their biros and roller tips retail from around £210 with fountain pens retailing around £280.   


Montblanc have taken this basic principle into other products; including leather belts at around £140 and that is before you look at their jewellery and other products.


How to learn about pricing from Montblanc

Montblanc can teach any business a lesson in marketing and pricing.  Create a want rather than a need and you can start to charge the prices that Montblanc charge.  Continue to fulfill needs and your price will need to compete with every other low cost supplier where customers are buying on price rather than quality, service, want or desire.


How can you create customer desire for your products or services?

If Montblanc can create desire for expensive pens when a freebie ball point will also do the job then it is highly likely that you can for your business service or products.  It needs a bit of lateral thinking but is is definitely possible.  In my own case I only take on a handful of private clients each year; I’m reassuringly expensive but clients report that their profits soar after a one to one session with The Marketing Magician.  In the last few days I’ve taken on one extra client and have just one more place available; contact me if you’d like to learn how to market your business .. and we can work on making customers desire your products or services.  

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Media Marketing Strategies for the Printed Press, Radio and TV – Interview

Producing a Media Marketing Strategy for the Printed Press, Radio and TV is Essential and Easy says Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew


Any business, whatever its size, can be regularly featured on radio, TV or in the printed press on a very regular basis if they plan carefully.  A simple strategy and plan is all that is needed to start a process that will see the phones ringing and the press chasing you with the chance of free media coverage worldwide.


Last month alone I was interviewed on the BBC on no fewer that three occasions.  These are NOT small stations with no listeners.  These are national radio stations with millions of listeners. 


in the last year I've also been interviewed on overseas radio stations, have been published on websites in Europe, NZ, Australia and the UK.  Consequently I've been placed in front of many millions of people; my thoughts and words have been available to anyone that can go online or listen to the radio.


Tomorrow I'm being interviewed by someone whose advice I often seek, Ian Brodie.  Ian is a going to interview from his UK offices.  I'm going to explain to Ian how easy getting the media to chase you really is and we are going to release the audio recording online to millions of people worldwide.  Be one of the first to hear it by watching this space for the release date and time.    

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