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SEO Secrets: Internal Links are a SEO Essential

How to use internal links to boost your website search engine ranking (SERPS)


Internal links that are based on accurate anchor text are a simple way to increase your position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). They aren’t quite as powerful as Incoming Links but the beauty of internal links is that you have total control of how many , where they point and the anchor text.


Link internal links to an incoming link strategy (via accurate anchor text), and your chances of getting a good position in the SERPS is significantly improved.


Internal links are used to link related pages, within the same website, together.  The keywords, or phrases,  used to make these links are referred to as anchor text.  Anchor text should be based on words that describe the content of the page it links to.  Don’t use words like “click here” as it doesn’t describe the content of the page that is being linked. 


Rather use words that people are using in their searchs (use keyword tools and Google Insights to determine these).


Every webpage you produce could use internal links going to and from them and you can produce them without any expensive SEO experts being paid a penny!




How to easily sell events and products online .. without finance or web design skills


Selling online is much easier than many business think. Some businesses, such as Amazon, are really expert at selling online.


Online selling is also ideal for smaller businesses and “levels the playing field”   to such an extent that, often, a small business can do better than a large one.


Using proprietary software such as EventBrite and PayPal will allow you to sell tickets to events online. 


PayPal, used via a shopping cart, is an excellent way to sell products or services via a website.  It is easier than it looks .. so try it.