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Free Marketing Tools: Google Docs

To produce, edit or share documents including, presntations and spreadsheets Google Docs are worth considering. 


Google Docs are free, easy and intuitive to use.  You can even upload and download from, and into, "paid for" document formats.  A perfect tool for free marketing.


It makes you wonder why we ever pay for software when Google Docs can do all the things the standard products do .. and much more.


To learn more visit Google Docs





Have You The Time, Money or Skills to Market Your Business As Well As You Want?

Most of your competitors don’t understand marketing, or the marketing secrets I’m going to give you on this website.


StefanDrew - The Marketing MagicianHi, This is Stefan and here is your first Marketing Secret:  Do you know that there are literally hundreds of marketing methods you could be using that cost absolutely nothing at all?

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Do you also know that most marketing doesn’t work, why you should never advertise on a left hand page and how to test, measure and improve your marketing so that it gives you terrific results?  

Want to know how businesses like yours waste millions .. and how you can prevent this?


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