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Marketing Lessons from Tunisia: A Wake Up Call for Businesses

Tunisia and Facebook: A Lesson for Businesses Everywhere? 


The Arab Spring started in Tunisia and quickly spread to Egypt, Libya and beyond. 


What happened in Tunisia provides a lesson for every business in the world.

It all started with a single businessman who felt repressed.  The outcome is still changing the world. The suicide of this one person led to riots in the smaller towns and then spread to Tunis itself and the method of spread was the Internet.


More specifically it was the use of Facebook.  20% of the Tunisian population had a Facebook account.  People used Facebook and the Internet to plan the protests .. they were able to do so without government interference ……and the rest is history.


I'm not suggesting you use the Internet or even Facebook for the same purposes, but what happened in Tunisia demonstrates the power of the online world.  The lesson every business should learn is how to harness the power of the Internet for good.


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