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BBC Interview on Gillette’s #MeToo Advertising Campaign

Gillette Have Launched Ads That Ignore Shaving. The New Gillette Ads Focus on Men’s Behaviour. 


The BBC are interviewing me tomorrow about the Gillette ads. People often ask how I prepare for these interviews, so here is my thinking for this interview.

But first here’s the Youtube video



Interview Preparation: Gathering Background 

Ads don’t suddenly appear. There’s always a back story. Here’s some of my background research data.


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We Are Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes

We Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We'll Be With You ShortlyWe Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We’ll Be With You Shortly

It doesn’t matter if you phone a bank, utility, council, a myriad of public services or the private sector. They all seem to be Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes than they expected. So it seems like they don’t expect people to call them and they’ve been taken them completely by surprise.


It makes you doubt their competence to handle your money, electric, gas, phones or local services when they can’t even estimate the volume of calls they get on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon that is no different to last week or the week before when they were also experiencing higher call volumes than they expected. Do they understand nothing about Marketing and Sales? 


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Are Apps Necessary Or A Marketing Distraction?

Is a marketing app a good idea for your businessWhy Do You Need An App?Is a marketing app a good idea for your business

I often hear people say they need an app. But when I ask them why they are a bit vague.  

I get answers like: –

Everyone uses apps these days.

I attended a conference and the speaker said it was essential

A sales person proved how effective apps were for their clients

Oh .. and a load of other reasons are given.


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Email Marketing: Is “No Reply” Your Real Name?

Email Marketing Is Big Business; But So Easy To Get Wrong

If like me you send or receive a lot of emails you’ll probably realise that most emails go unopened. The reasons are various and mostly avoidable.

Let me give you just two examples of things that often go wrong in email marketing that are easy to avoid.   

The Number One Email Marketing Mistake is the Subject Line

An intriguing, provocative, interesting, helpful subject line has me opening the email.  

Boring subject lines get ignored.  

I’m quite typical when it comes to this.  Most of us ignore boring, irrelevant or obtuse subject lines.


The Number Two Reason Emails Don’t Get Open is the From Box 

Look at the image above.

It is from noreply@…. it doesn’t matter which business comes next they don’t want me to reply.  So why would I open this email?  I didn’t!

People prefer to do business with people they know, like, trust and respect. 

So we tend only to open emails from individuals or organisations we know, like, trust and respect .  So it is essential we ensure people can see who the email is from. 


Most marketing isn’t rocket science.  Certainly we can all improve our email open rates if we follow these simple rules.

Are you getting this right? 

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