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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

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Marketing for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars and Hotels

Marketing for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars and Hotels: How to fill your establishment with customers by using simple, easy to use, low cost marketing ….. including using websites and online marketing.  


by the man the BBC introduce as

The Marketing Magician


Would you like to …..

To increase the frequency that customers buy?

To increase the transaction value of each sale?

Find more customers?

Be busier in the quiet months?


What if your customers thought your establishment was so good they told all their friends?  Would that help you grow your business?


Discover dozens of simple, practical, proven ways to get more customers, get repeat business, fill the shoulder months … and make more profit  

Marketing Magician Masterclasses are Unique

Places at these seminars are normally limited to 15 per Masterclass

Stefan’s work has been featured on the BBC and in the press of over 70 countries. Learn the secrets of his low cost, but very effective, approach to marketing.

Our Guarantee

If, in the first hour, you tell us you are not convinced that the course will improve your marketing we will refund your full fee.


At venues throughout the UK and Portugal


Please ask for details of our open or in-house events 

 For more information or to book your place

Contact Stefan on +44 (0) 1926 632 794 —

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How to get Low Cost, Highly Effective, Automated Marketing that can be Tested, Measured and Improved

How to use RATE Marketing to get Low Cost, Highly Effective, Automated Marketing that can be Tested, Measured and Improved

Do have an unlimited marketing budget?

Does all your marketing work perfectly every time?


Then the principles behind RATE Marketing are something you need to be aware of.

RATE stands for: –  

Reduce Marketing Spend

Automate the majority of your marketing

Test, measure and improve your marketing

Engage with your prospects and clients.

By following the RATE principles you will

Save money

Save time

Improve your marketing

Engage with more people

Which means you will: –

Have more customers

Make more sales per customer

Sell more per transaction

To find out more read my Top Five Marketing Tips and subsequent proven marketing tips

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