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Free Marketing: Lessons Schools and Business Can Share

Marketing lessons schools and businesses can share

I was recently contacted by Heather who has moved from the business world into teaching.  She wanted my opinion about whether business marketing could be applied in the world of education.
Here’s my answer
You are absolutely right there are marketing strategies from the business world that schools can use .. in fact there are hundreds that cost absolutely nothing to implement.
For example media releases.  These raise the schools profile and build reputation i.e. the brand.  Easy to write and email to the local press they can about any newsworthy event that has happened in the school.  The real trick is to see the story and to write it from the readers perspective .. if you can do that then coverage is highly likely.  Stories can be based around a variety of topics – from school plays and sports day to open days, notable visitors, stories about pupils and staff .. the list goes on and on. 
We’d all like our media releases to be published by every paper, magazine, radio and TV station we send it to … but it is unlikely this will happen.  other stories can obscure your story and I well remember sending a story to the nationals and we were interviewed by the BBC for a slot on the Radio 4 news, had our photos taken by a couple of dailies  ….. and then the Queen Mother died and we never got a mention!  
However media releases stand a good chance of being picked up in most cases and the worse case scenario is that the story only appears on your own website.  Even this isn’t a disaster as it will be indexed by search engines like google and could well go viral worldwide.   My last interview on Canadian radio came about in this way.
It is also possible to get the story distributed by specialist websites and picked up by both search engines and flesh and blood journalists.
There are many other ways to market a school … or a business … without cost,  and we are going to cover many of them on my next UK marketing workshops.