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Adwords Marketing:Using Negative Keywords in Adverts

Negative Keywords to use in PPC and Google Adwords campaigns to exclude Job, Recruitment and Employment Seekers


When you are selling services via Pay Per Click (PPC)systems such as Google Adwords you really don't want to attract people that are primarily searching for jobs or emnployment.  So your product and servcice related ads will yeild much better results if you filter out searches for job or employment terms. 


If you don't do this your advertising can easily spiral and not using negative keywords is one of the prime cauI see of expensive ineffective PPC. 


Job seekers in any industry can easily waste a huge chunk of your Adwords budget if you're not careful.  Assuming you're trying to attract customers and not job seekers you should use negative keywords like:

career, careers, CV, job, jobs, work, employment, interim, interims, employer, salary, salaries, pay, hire, hiring, intern, recruitment, recruiter, recruiters,  headhunter, and if you get searches from the USA words like, resume.