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Tag: Is Your Business Expert at Hiding From Customers

Is Your Business Expert at Hiding From Customers


Unknown shop

Just what do they sell in this retail shop?

 Is your business a best kept secret?


If you hide from your customers you are also hiding from potential profit.


Here's an experiment.  Ask your customers what you do.  Most will get the basics … but few will really understand everything you do.  For example if you are a restaurant they will understand that ….. but if you also do outside catering will they mention that as well?  Have you and your business made it clear to them that you are more than just a restaurant?


The problem is that we think it is obvious what our business does … but few customers actually know all the products or services we offer.  In fact it is often worse than that; in many businesses I work with the staff don't actually have much idea about the total range offered! 


Yet, because they have already done business with us, our past customers are the most likely people to buy from us in future; provided they know what else we can offer them.  And if we keep it a secret from our staff and our customers we are losing out on a huge opportunity.


The picture above is of a retail shop in a small fishing village in Portugal.  It is really difficult to know what they sell.  I bet the locals all know simply because it is a small village and they live there.  But it is also in a major tourism area and they are missing loads of potential business.


It is easy to make excuses for this Portuguese retailer …. but, in reality,  are most of us any better?


How are you going to make sure all your customers know exactly what you offer?