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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

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Which Stefan Drew are you looking for?

Google the name Stefan Drew and you’ll find hundreds of results …. but this isn’t one person dominating cyberspace. 

There are actually two people called Stefan Drew on the web and both have a high profile on Google.  Both are 5’11” tall and have connec tions with the US and Canada.

Confused?  Read on.



SStefan drew, The Marketing Magiciantefan Drew aka The Marketing Magician, is a UK based marketing expert who has worked with US based clients and has been interviewed by Canadian radio.

Visit Stefan’s website and LinkedIn Profile for more information

Twitter: @StefanDrewe




Stefan Drew hockey playerStefan Drew the HOCKEY player is based in Canada but played Ice Hockey for Sacred Heart University






Thanks to Mike Seddon at UK based KKSmarts, whose idea this page was.

Mike solved the problem of lots of traffic looking for my namesake and not finding what they wanted.