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SEO Secrets: How to Optimise Your Website with External Links

Optimising your website to enable it to rank high on the search engines like Google is often described as difficult or almost impossible for anyone but the most dedicated professional web designer or SEO consultant.  But it needn’t be difficult at all .. and by applying a few simple DIY SEO rules you can easily beat 99% of your competitors.  Here is a simple technique that will make a significant difference.


Get as many high quality incoming links to your site as possible.  But note the words “high quality”.  You don’t want links from “link farms”.  These are sites that comprise almost nothing except links to other sites … and you are often expected to pay for these links.  This type of link is often offered in unsolicited emails and can actually get you banned from the search engines.  So any offer to sell you links from hundreds of other sites is probably to good to be true.


What you need are incoming links from reputable sites that it makes sense to link to.  There should be some logic in the link in that there should be a reason why the site linking to you would do this.  


You also need them to use the right “anchor text” to link to you.  Anchor text are the words that are linked to your site.  So for example I might write some content on my site 3D CGI Animation (I know these examples are good as colleague of mine designs them). In this case the hyperlink is based around the anchor text that is highlighted.  This helps the search engines to ascertain how relevant the content is and what it is about. 


Not all incoming links are equal.  My site is relatively small compared with the BBC; so a comparable link using the same anchor text on the gardening pages of the BBC site will be more heavily weighted than if it comes from my smaller marketing website.      


This is a simple technique and you need to have a link building strategy.  It works because 99% of your competitors don’t know about it and, even if they do, don’t implement it.


Only in exceptional cases are incoming links going to get you on Page One of Google without being supported by other SEO techniques so you will need to do more than just use this one technique.  Read about our other SEO Secrets and apply them all.  


SEO Secrets: How to Optimise Your Website for Speed.

One of the key ways to improve your website performance is to use a simple search engine optimisation (SEO) technique that anyone can do.  Quite simply it is to improve the loading speed of each page.


A very quick and efficient way to improve webpage loading speed is to ensure that any pictures or graphics load fast by optimising their size.  To do this ensure that each picture is as small as it can be consistent with maintaining quality.  Website pictures don't need to be high resolution; a few Kb is often sufficient.  Screen resolution is the factor that dictates how ictures look on screen. Photos of several Mb are necessary for high resolution printing ar large sizes … don't look any better on your webpage, but do slow your webpage loading times. 


Search engines, like Google, down grade slow loading pages. So if you have a lot of slow loading pages you will suffer in terms of search engine rankings.   


Optimising for speed is a free marketing tool that anyone can use.