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Free Marketing Tools: Google Analytics

Why use Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is a website essential.  It is a marketing tool that is not only free, it provides an incredible amount of information about what is happening on your website .. in real time .. as well as over time.


Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about who is on your website, how they found you, what they are looking for, where they are, why they don't buy (and what they do buy) …. and hundreds of other things you ought ot know.


It only takes a few minutes to add to your website and you can check out what is happening on your website from a mobile, laptop, PC or other device 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.   No business website should be without Google Analytics.  








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Free Marketing Tools: QR Code Reader & QR Code Generator



Wherever I look recently I'm seeing black shapes on a white background.  I'm seeing QR or "quick response" bar codes (sometimes called QRKeys) and they are another free marketing tool.


QR codes can be used to provide complex information such as very long web addresses (especially the sort that have upto 1000 elements made of alphanumeric code and symbols) or phone numbers, SMS messages or similar in a format that your mobile phone or other scanners can read and convert into readable information for people.  Alternatively it can perform actions such as log into website as simply as scanning the bar code.  The QR bar code can be displayed on websites, T-shirts, busines cards, posters .. anywhere you can print an image.


qrcodeScan the code to discover more Marketing Secrets



Invented in in Japan in 1994 to track vehicle parts in manufacturing units the scode is a two dimensional bar code that allows very rapid decoding and information transfer of complex information. 


The great thing is the technology and scanner software is free.


qrcode Want some help with QRKeys then try phoning this number

To obtain a scanner just search fro a QR app on your smart phone.  If you want to generate code for a business card or other printed surface just ….. Google QR Code generator and follow the simple instructions. 




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Free Marketing Tools: Beware Geotagging Digital Cameras


The marvel of modern technology and innovation could lead to theft with the advent of GeoTagging cameras.



Geotagging is the ability that some of the latest digital cameras have to use GPS to add the location to the picture file.  It is a really useful feature when used to take landscapes, when undertaking bio-diversity research and a host of other times.


But when used to take photos of valuable items for sale online could lead to burglary and thefts.  Thieves are able to access the pictures displayed online, extract the location and target those premises for burglaries.


Beware Geotagging.  Disable Geotagging when taking photos of valuable items for sale on websites.


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Free Marketing Tools: Google Docs

To produce, edit or share documents including, presntations and spreadsheets Google Docs are worth considering. 


Google Docs are free, easy and intuitive to use.  You can even upload and download from, and into, "paid for" document formats.  A perfect tool for free marketing.


It makes you wonder why we ever pay for software when Google Docs can do all the things the standard products do .. and much more.


To learn more visit Google Docs





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