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Marketing & Management Training Courses Specific to Your Needs

The Online Business Marketing event with Stefan Drew attracted over 180 people to Bedford College's Studio Theatre

Marketing Workshops and Training Courses to help you grow your business or organisation


If your business or organisation is to survive, or grow, you need to get really great at marketing and management. 


We are demand led … 

.. if you want a course that is not listed we will write one specifically tailored to your needs  … a specifically tailored course for you and your business


.. and if you aren’t sure exactly what you want we can carry out an


Organisational Needs Analysis or Training Needs Analysis

.. but don’t worry, although it sounds technical it is quite painless!



A lot of the requests we get are however quite similar so we have devised a series of short, easy to understand, very practical workshops and seminars aimed at businesses and education providers of all types.  These are available either via professional bodies and sector specific training organisations or direct from ourselves.  That means you can choose from events open to the public or we can run in house events specifically for your organisation.



Marketing courses, workshops and seminars available to businesses and education providers include …



Effective Marketing Strategies and their Implementation 



How to Quadruple your Turnover & Profit



Effective Exhibtion Strategies



Website Secrets – How to Drive Traffic to your Website with Google Adwords and Free Online Marketing Tools



How to Delight Your Customers and Make More Profit



PR and Media: How to get your news and stories into print, on air and into cyberspace at no cost



Advertising Secrets: How to Cut Your Advertising Costs & Ensure Your Advertising Works Every Time

Simple SEO


How to Write and Publish a Best Seller … I’ve written two of these so I really do have first hand knowledge of how this works. 



We also have a number of courses specifically designed to help colleges and training providers engage with employers more effectively.  Theses include …..


TNA/ONA – Training and Organisational Needs Analysis


Bottom Line Benefits


Effective Employer Engagement Strategies


For more details contact Stefan today on 01404 891920