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Tag: Does your business name do what it says on the tin?

Does your business name do what it says on the tin?

Choosing a business name: Does your business name describe what your business does or provides for your customers.



When choosing a name for your business you only get one chance at getting it right.  If they name you choose doesn’t describe your business (or name you if you are well known in your sector) then it might not be a disaster but it will definitely make life far harder for you.


So if your name is Fred Smith and you are a butcher in Ledbury an obvious name is “Ledbury Butchers”  or even “Fred Smith – The Ledbury Butcher” .. it isn’t something like Smiths of Ledbury as it doesn’t say what trade you are in, product you sell or give any information at all. It doesn’t work as a web address or line in an advert or anything like it.


So when choosing a business name try to think about what you do and include that in the business name (before anyone tells me that Stefan Drew Associates fails this test .. you are right and my only defence is that in my original market I was very well known – my other businesses have all followed the above rule …. and The Marketing Magician works really well).