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Do websites really generate paying customers?

This page was first published in 2010 .. but the website and SEO rationale still holds true. 

I often get asked if websites really can generate new business.  People ask me if they can really find paying customers without you going through the pain and hard work of conventional prospecting.



Well the simple answer is YES!  Let me give you some examples … some very recent.





I’m not advocating that you give up all other forms of marketing but a good website, with great content and good metatags really can generate business enquiries and lead to paying customers. 



About an hour before I started writing this Top Tip I had a phone call from a lady called Jill.  She enquired if I would be interested in being the keynote speaker at an event she was organising.



Jill works at a major UK university and was looking for a speaker for an event she was organising in London.  The event targets education decision makers with an interest in a topic called College Employer Engagement Strategies.



Jill had Googled College Employer Engagement Strategies, had found one of my microsites, then phoned me and within a few minutes I had agreed to be her speaker.



I’ll be talking to a group of people where everyone is a decision maker in a field I consult in.  Every one is a potential client and so the first contact escalates.




Clients from around the world


A similar thing happened when Jeanette from Holidays on Location in Melbourne, Australia Googled for some marketing advice.  She found my website, joined the newsletter and after 5-6 months asked a few questions.  A few months later she posed more questions … and then asked me to quote to help them with a particular marketing issue.  Since then, although we are on opposite sides of the world (and when they phone me in their early evening it is breakfast time here) we’ve worked together to mutual benefit.



So YES websites can generate a host of enquiries and they often convert into paying customers if you get your website right and can handle the back office functions like newsletters and adding new web content.



Here’s the page Jill will have seen – there are 113,000 possible pages that could appear and my website appears for that specific keyword term no fewer than three times on Page One of Google (once on a directory carrying our details and keywords) …. and we also appear in the number one slot with our Adword advert (cost approx 23 pence). 

EmpEngStrat screengrab_edited-1

Appearing on Page One of Google isn’t magic and doesn’t need expensive SEO consultants.  You can do this as easy as I can.  Just ensure you have good content and great metatags .. often that is enough.    



Before I finish let me tell you a bit more about my clients, Holidays on Location. 



Jeanette and husband Leo run a great company full of really great people.  They put together “wholesale” holidays in places from UK, Europe and around the world to as far away as Hawaii.  The holiday packages are then sold by High Street travel agents in places like the Middle East, Australia and … well right around the world.  HOLs specialist products include educational tours for universities and colleges ….  which will be of interest to my many education readers.