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How to research customer profiles

Quick ways to research and build customer profiles


Following my recent post about customer profiles another one of my customers contacted me about customer profiles.  Jef, from Countax, wanted information on how to research customer profiles and I've answered in the comments section of the original post .. see 

Customer profiles bring business benefits

Why customer profiles are vital to any business.


I've just had an email from someone I've known for several years.  She is a photographer called Dorcas Eatch and she runs a business called Fotodayz.  (Try her photography courses .. they are good.)


Anyway Dorcas came on one of my courses years ago and mentioned she has Customer Profiles taped to her office wall.  Customer profiles are a description of an (imaginery) customer. This is a typical customer and gives you all the information about them that makes it easier to target your marketing.  For example your typical customer might be female aged between 45-55 who reads vogue and enjoys cruising holidays to warm places.

In most businesses we have quite a few different types of customers and can produce a profile for each of them.


Customer profiles really make you think about your existing core clients.  But there is another use.


As I explained to Dorcas you should also try defining a profile of the customer you would really like to get (but haven't yet) and work on that.  Last week I was on Radio 5 Live breakfast show .. and today I had a call from someone who want's me to front some work for them  .. all because I have a profile of the typical customer I wanted to listen when I was being interviewed.  The one I'd always hoped for but never seemed to get .. until now!


Customer profiles help you reach the customers that other marketing methods don't.