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7 Ways to Make Your Website Perform Brilliantly

I’ve experienced a few problems with my marketing recently!

In recent days I’ve been working on a dedicated website for my new book and have included an autoresponder to gather pre-registrations.  But when the first person registered things went badly wrong.  They were sent a series oif emails that were unrelated to the book.

Fortunatley the person that received them was Nick Jervis, Nick is a contributor to the book, and he alerted me.  The problem wasn’t anything to do with the technology; it was human error.  My human error.

So why tell you all this?  

Well firstly to tell you that you need to be a lot more careful than me in setting up automatic marketing systems (mine work 99% of the time by we all make mistakes and mine was not to click a single button) .

More importantly it gives me an excuse to introduce Nick and his website marketing chapter.


Nick has written a great chapter entitled

More Enquiries From Your Website 

In it he shows how simple changes can instantly generate more enquiries without increasing your marketing spend.

For example did you know that if you use Leading Capitals in Your Metatags you’ll get more traffic from the search engines such as Google?

He then describes seven more ways in which you can get more enquiries from your website.  As part of each of these he provides list of action points; so puttin his advice into action is very simple.  It is even easy enough that someone like me, that can’t press the right buttons, can follow.  


To get a free copy of Nick’s advice buy a copy of

Creating Business Growth: 21 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Top Business Marketing Secrets



Once you have the book you’ll learn that Nick is a leading marketing authority on marketing legal services (he is a non-practicing solicitor) ….. BUT his advice on websites apply to every website I’ve ever seen.