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Change Management Part Three: The Political Dimension

Politics isn’t something just for elected representatives in parliament. Politics is played by throughout business and isn’t something you need to be aware of when using change management in marketing ior elsewhere in business. 


So what do I mean by politics if not party politics?  


Well it is all about who forms groups, tribes, parties or whatever in an organisation and who the real influencers and decision makers really are.  A good starting point is the organisational chart, structure diagram or organogram.  This indicated who reports to managers and directors.  But of course the reality is that the power behind the throne might well be who plays golf together, who went to the same school or who sleeps with who!


Cross party groups can also be set up when two distinct areas have a common interest.  This might be in favour of change or against it.


So being politically aware is essential if you are to effect change.


Mixing with people outside the workplace or with previous employees that you trust will sometimes provide an insight into the politics.

Change Management Part Two: Motivating the Team

Change Management has been described a like pushing treacle uphill. It is relatively easy to get people to buy in to the change management outcomes they will benefit from; but actually getting them to take action is often much harder.


The key to change management success is to discover what motivates the individuals running the parts of the organisation where change is planned.

Discover how the changes you wish to make will help them? Discover what has always given them hassle and what they personally want from change.  Where possible build these in to the change or at least show how they are part of a process that will possibly lead to that end point (but don’t make unrealistic promises).  If they can see how change is going to help them, say, meet their KPIs they are more likely to take the action needed to make it happen.


Helping them plan and monitor change is also bound to help their change management process.  Note; I’ve said “their change management process” because it will all happen far easier if they take ownership.