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What is Google’s Marketing Philosophy?

ButterflyHow to Market Like Google

This is part two on Google’s business and marketing  philosophy. In part one I looked at how they focused on the user (customer) .  After digging deep into Google’s philosophy I’m now going to explain how they zero in on another essential.

They focus on doing one thing really well … OK,they do several things really well but they are abig tream and they perfect each one before moving on to the next. Lots of marketing people, myself included, suffer from what I call the Butterfly Syndrome.  We flit from one idea to the next and never settle anywhere for long. Not Google.

In my own case I’ve worked hard to overcome this habit and my business is stronger for it.   But let’s look at Google in more detail.

Doing Things Really Well

They do research. In depth research until they know as many facts as possible.  They know their own limitations; what they do well and what they can improve on and they apply a laser focus on this.

Because they focus and keep making small improvements (remember the post I wrote on 1% improvements in your business, it’s on my LinkedIn profile.  Check it out).  

Their dedication to improving the Google search algorithm, and every other service they offer,has helped them launch new products that customers want.


How To improve Your Business

So looking at your business what can you improve?  What can you do really well?

Standing out from your competition is a marketing essential.  You don’t have to be twice as good as them.  Just 1-2% is all it takes to stand out from a crowd. It might be in the products or services you offer.  Or it could be in customer service or delivery times.  Even answering the phone with a smile can mark you out as being better.  These are small things but ti is the small things that Google keeps improving that has given them world dominance.

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Marketing Insight: How Printer Overkill Damages Your Business

printer overkillIs the design of your invoices and other stationery annoying your customers?


We live in an environmentally sensitive age. We are asked not to print anything unless it is essential as this saves inks and paper. But sometimes it is necessary to print certain documents, perhaps for legal reasons and perhaps just to make it easier to read and annotate (sadly not everyone of us does this onscreen).


So the design of your potentially printed materials can impact on ink usage and really annoy your customers.  take the image above; it comes from an invoice I was sent by a supplier. It uses white on black and that means takes an inordinate amount of expensive black ink to print.


Given the choice between two, otherwise equal, suppliers this can be the tipping point in deciding which one someone may proceed with.


Is it Marketing?

I know most people would’t classify this as marketing… but it is.  

Marketing is about satisfying customer need and if you upset them, then all that time and expense you have spent on marketing is wasted.


So think through every “touch point” in your customer interface and see if there is any way you can stop annoying customers .. and delight them instead.

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How to GROW your business and yourself.

The GROW Model is used in coaching … but you can also use it to focus on your business without a coach.

GROW is an acronym.  it stands for for Goal, current Reality, Options and Will.


Think of it like this ……

Goal – your goal or outcome should be as specific as possible.  it should also be measurable.  Once you have set your goal ask yourself "How will you know that you have achieved that goal?"

Reality – this is all about your current reality.  I.e. where you are starting from – the Current Reality. We often neglect this bit of realism but really need to clarify the situation (rather than what we would like it to be or imagine it to be).  Once we establish the reality we can resolve it. The way forward is often obvious and straightforward. Ask your self questions like “What am I spending most of my time on?” “What parts of my job do I find easiest and most difficult”.

Options – knowing where you are and where you want to go, the next step is for you to explore what Options you have for getting there. A metaphor for GROW is a journey.  Once you know where you are going and where you are you can explore possible ways of getting there and choose the best route.

Will – now your intention should focus on the future actions.  Select the most appropriate options, commit to action, define the action plan, the next steps and a time frame for their objectives and identify how to overcome obstacles.


With GROW there are some similarities to the SMART acronym.  Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  But this tops and tails SMART and helps you grow.



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How can people use social media effectively to market business?

Social media offers more than the chance to post or Tweet

Social media provides a huge range of opportunities for businesses to market themselves.  E.g. personal and business profiles, groups where like-minded people share information, participate in question and answer forums, advertise, run surveys etc. 


Social media also offers opportunities to research the sites databases to find people to do business with – e.g. to sell to, for joint ventures, etc. 


Don’t limit yourself to just posting the odd item.

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