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Mr Kipling’s Branding Secrets: Silently Speaking to Your Customers

Mr Kipling's Exceedingly Good Advert
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One branding secret that always stands out in my mind is how brands can “Speak Silently to Their Customers”.  Forget conventional sponsorship and other brand promoting ideas, go for guerrilla marketing techniques like Mr Kipling did.


I’m often asked if businesses should sponsor a local roundabout or similar.  My reply is always the same .. Why would you want to do that? 

The answer I’m invariably given is that it is to raise the profile of the business.  In return for a cash payment to pay for the upkeep of the roundabout teh sponsor gets to put a very small sponsors sign on the roundabout.  It is often sold on the basis of the number of cars passing and “doing your bit” for the local community.  

Sorry guys.. it doesn’t really work like that.  For every driver that feels good about the roundabout many more will feel negative as they are in a traffic jam (and that then transfers to your brand) .. or, like me, wonder why you have so much money that you are doing this when you should be doing other things like improving customer service.  This afternoon I saw a sponsored roundabout and the sponsor was a local college .. my thought was why do this with tax payers money when you should be using it to teach people?  I didn’t feel good about the college .. I felt negative.


Guerilla Branding Tactics; Making sponsorship work for your brand

The above photo was taken on the same day as I saw the college roundabout sponsorship.  But it really works for me.

In the UK we’ve all seen the Mr Kipling adverts on TV and know that the enigmatic Mr Kipling “makes exceedingly good cakes”   .. the ads started in about 1976 so if you do it says something about your age!


The brand however was designed to encapsulate everything the brand stands for, and to personify what is good about the company – its vision, its values and insistence on quality.  Mr Kipling doesn’t actually exist as a person .. only as a brand creators idea.  But he has existed in the hearts and minds of cake lovers for years and years.


Back to the roundabout.  The photos was taken on the outskirts of Rugby, UK, where the company that makes MR Kipling, Manor Bakeries are to be found.  Not only do they have silver wording about Mr

Kipling embossed on the roundabout; they also have Mr Kipling cakes as part of the horticultural theme.


As I drove around the roundabout my first thoughts were that Mr Kipling “makes exceedingly good cakes” .. I guess that is what a brand has to do …. occupy your customers’ mind with positive thoughts!


How does your brand occupy your customers’ thoughts?

What positive brand messages are you giving out?