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BBC Interview on Gillette’s #MeToo Advertising

The Gillette #MeToo Video campaignGillette Have Launched Ads That Ignore Shaving. The New Gillette Ads Focus on Men’s Behaviour. 


The BBC are interviewing me tomorrow about the Gillette video ads. People often ask how I prepare for these interviews, so here is my thinking for this interview.

But first here’s the Gillette Video Ad on Youtube.



Interview Preparation: Gathering Background 

Ads don’t suddenly appear. There’s always a back story. Here’s some of my background research data.


Advertising Campaign Strategies That Work Online and Offline Forever

“At 60 Miles an Hour the Loudest Noise in This New Rolls-Royce Comes from the Electric Clock”  said the 1958 Ogilvy inspired Rolls Royce print advert that is still remembered today


The advert focused on facts and didn’t rely on copious adjectives.  That’s a great way to design advertising campaign strategies. And the best thing about this is that it will work for businesses of any size.


Starting With The Rolls-Royce Facts