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Advertising Secret Number Twenty Two: Use Good Headlines

Advertising Secret : How a good headline significantly improves your advertising


A good headline makes the reader want to keep reading.


Consider the following: –

•Man bites dog

•The Secrets of Advertising: that advertising sales managers don't want you to know

•Why most websites don't sell

•Four ways to improve your website without spending a penny

•How I successfully filled my order book for less than £350

•How I doubled my sales and profits in just one month

•Why you should never advertise on a left hand page.

Advertising Secret Number Twenty One: There are several more advertising secrets in this post!

Advertising Secret Number Twenty One  (Actually there are numerous Advertising Secrets in this section)




A few thoughts: –

  1.  HEADLINES are all important
  2. T&M different headlines
  3. Use a colon to create a compelling headline
  4. Don't use your company name as the headline.  People want to know what benefits you have for them and this needs to be at the top of the advert.  Your logo, strapline and other details should go at the bottom of the advert.