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Advertising Secret Number Sixteen: Never Advertise Anywhere Unless You Have Evidence It Works

Advertising Secret Number Sixteen: You Need Evidence Your Advert Works Before Repeating it a Second time


The answer to Yellow Pages, and all other advertising, is never to advertise anywhere a second time unless you have evidence that you had a good response the previous time. 


The problem is that most businesses haven’t Tested & Measured the response to last year’s advert and have no real idea if they have worked or not.


Personally I don’t use Yellow Pages to advertise in or to research suppliers so I can’t offer any advice on how effective they are.  The only way you can find out is by T&M.


What my callers say is that if you tell the Yellow Pages rep that you are not happy with the response rate they will try to convince you a bigger advert will give a better response.  Well it might … but where is the evidence. 


There are several strategies I can suggest when it comes to advertising in Yellow Pages and none of them involve bigger adverts!