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Advertising Campaign Strategies That Work Online and Offline Forever

“At 60 Miles an Hour the Loudest Noise in This New Rolls-Royce Comes from the Electric Clock”  said the 1958 Ogilvy inspired Rolls Royce print advert that is still remembered today


The advert focused on facts and didn’t rely on copious adjectives.  That’s a great way to design advertising campaign strategies. And the best thing about this is that it will work for businesses of any size.


Starting With The Rolls-Royce Facts


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Advertising Secret Number Nineteen – Always Negotiate a Guarantee

Advertising Secret Number Nineteen – Always Negotiate


When advertising online or offline always try to negotiate a deal where you pay per response as opposed to a fixed rate. After all why would you want to pay £££££s without a guarantee of success.


Most publishers are very adverse to this because their papers and sites do NOT give good response rates.

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Advertising Secret Number Twenty One: There are several more advertising secrets in this post!

Advertising Secret Number Twenty One  (Actually there are numerous Advertising Secrets in this section)




A few thoughts: –

  1.  HEADLINES are all important
  2. T&M different headlines
  3. Use a colon to create a compelling headline
  4. Don't use your company name as the headline.  People want to know what benefits you have for them and this needs to be at the top of the advert.  Your logo, strapline and other details should go at the bottom of the advert.
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Advertising Secret Number Twenty: Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Advertising

Advertising Secret Number Twenty – Low Cost PPC


This is my favourite Advertising Secret, because it has the potential to make you money very quickly and is exceptionally low cost.


In my opinion PPC systems like Google Adwords are the best thing since sliced bread.   You only pay when someone clicks on an ad.  You decide what you are prepared to pay and the results are very measurable.


This is a huge area that you need to master.  Look out for the Google Adwords courses and advice on this site and on the Marketing Magician website.

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