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What Can Bots Do? Can Bots Undertake Complex Work?

People Wonder What Bots Can Do. So I Had My Bot Make You a Video


I also recommend bots for undertaking routine, mundane admin tasks because they bore people which leads to mistakes, and cost a lot of time and money.

A bot can save you time and money .. and the stress .. and are usually really low cost to set up and run. 

The video below was made by a bot. 


How To Use Animated Video to Promote Your Business

 Animated Video Using Cartoons, Line Drawings, Images and More To Promote A Business Really Works. 


People love video.  They like the drama, the movement, the sound and the unexpected.


So naturally it makes sense to use in in marketing our businesses.

This video demonstrates some of the options available .. and how to use video in your business to demonstrate, show, illustrate and much more on your website, on Facebook, on LinkedIn etc.