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How To Track Website Visitors by Business Name

Software to Track Website Visitors by Business Name
Software Report: Website Visitors Tracking by Business Name

There are several pieces of software to Track Website Visitors and a few techniques you can use to identify visitors to your site and then build rapport with them. 

Assuming we have a well-structured site and a search bar it shouldn’t be too hard for visitors to find what they need. But sadly this isn’t true. I see evidence every day of visitors not being able to navigate even the best-structured websites .. or just being too lazy to do so. 


So the first step is to ensure that visitors can ask questions if they can’t find what they want. A very obvious chat button can help as can a simple, easy to use contact form. Chat today is quite sophisticated. It can be AI-powered and very quick to answer FAQs.


Digital Diversity: How Diverse is Your Website?

Society is Diverse; Your Audience is Probably Diverse. But Are You Catering For Diverse Audiences Online?  


I see a lot of public bodies and companies claiming to be diverse. Some even put up welcome signs at their entrances or in reception.

But the place where huge numbers first encounter them, online, is often forgotten. For example. I frequently work in the education sector. But I can’t find a college in the country that has it’s website available in any of the European languages. Or in those of the main UK ethnic groups.

So I set out to see how easy it is to translate a website into a number of languages. I started with five languages and am now up over 20.

It was amazingly simple. So why do so many organisations ignore the opportunity to be diverse on their website?

The following video focuses on further education (FE) websites .. but could apply to any sector .. and explains a bit more.