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Where to Put Share Buttons on a Web Page

Where to Put The Social Share Buttons on a Web Page


whre to put the share button on web page
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If you want people to share your posts, where do you put the share buttons? The top of the page or the bottom of the page?

 It could make a huge difference in the number of shares you get. 

I had a theory on this but no evidence.  So we ran a test.

On a site I write for, FENews, I wrote a post that had share buttons at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page. The post ran for a few weeks and we counted the shares.  But we also did something a bit unusual.  We made sure that the share buttons at top and bottom were independent of one another. Normally we would use the same buttons and just show them twice.  That way wherever they are clicked both sets of buttons show the same results.  

The problem with that is that it doesn’t indicate which set of buttons were clicked. Top or bottom.

By setting up two independent sets of buttons we can see which set was clicked. 

And it turns out that on this occasion we had two clicks at the top of the page and 130 at the bottom of the page. 

It makes sense really.  Few people go to the top of the page to click after reading a piece to the end.  They click where they finish reading. At the bottom of the page.

And if you only put share buttons at the top you are likely to miss out on a significant number of clicks.

But as you can see some people do click at the top of the page.  These might be the people that want to check some early copy or that come back to the post a second time.  In my case it is only about 1% of the total number.  But that 1% is important.  If the other clicks cover your cost and hopefully put you into profit, the rest are pure profit. 

Since getting these screen grabs we’ve changed the layout again and at present only have the share buttons at the bottom of the page … but now we have 174 shares …(this was on May 14th. 2016).  Feel free to check if this number has grown at


174 Social Shares

174 social shares to LinkedIn


OK so this was my experience.  You can now change your page layout to mimic these findings or do your own experiments to see what works for you. The main thing is not to ignore what you’ve read!

My Top Website Google Ranking Tips

91% of Web Pages Never Get Traffic from Search EnginesGetting Found On Google is Hard.  Most Web Pages Get Indexed But Few Are Good Enough To Get On Page One of Google. In Fact 91% of Web Pages Never Get Traffic from Search Engines


Sadly if you get ranked on pages two, three or worse on page 753 of Google, you stand less chance of getting web visitors than if you were on page one. But how do you get on page one?

Well you have a distinct advantage over most of your competitors.  Most have poor websites and never enquire about how to improve them.  So by reading and implementing the following advice you will improve your chances. 

Here are a few tips … and I have several hundred more that I’ll give you another day! 



1. Google, and to a lesser extent other search engines, want to send traffic to good sites/pages. In most cases that means you need to provide good quality content and enough of it.  Good advice rarely comes in a single sentence or even 20-30 words.  It usually comes in a well written article of at least 300 words.  In fact I understand Google prefers 500 or so words. 

Of course blog posts can be shorter but for a webpage to really stand a chance of being highly indexed you need a quantity of well written content. 


2. Google hates one page websites.  They provide a poor user experience and tend to be a mish-mash of mixed content just thrown together.  So produce a new page for each piece of defined content.  A bit like a text book uses new chapters for each topic.  Doing this means you website is going to be a minimum of 6-12 pages in most cases. In many cases it will be hundreds of pages .. or even thousands.  If your run a shopping cart on your site each new product needs a separate page. 


3. Link your pages together with hyperlinks.  Of course they have to be sensible links that link related ideas or products.  search engines use these links to make sense of your content and to travel around your site. And that last bit is very important. If a page isn’t linked in some way to another page or website then the search engines can’t find it. It is like opening a new shop in the middle of the woods with no roads or paths leading to it.  No one will find it. The search engine crawlers need to be able travel from a known location to your new pages. A quick way to provide this is to run a link from a social media page.  Say a page on Facebook or LinkedIn.  google then has a path to your site and can visit and rank your page. 


4. Avoid Flash content. I know it used to be used a lot but it is problematic unless very well produced.  If you use Flash the search engines regard it as the end of the road and will rarely follow a link from a page that has Flash on it.  If your web designer is in the top 5% they may be able to overcome this .. but something like 95% of webdesigners fall foul of Flash without realising it. 


I’ve even fallen into this trap myself. The Recommended Reading section in the right hand column is a widget supplied by Amazon. My first attempt to install it was with a piece of code they supplied and I couldn’t understand why it failed to load quickly and, when it did, why if gave me other problems.  They I realised it was Flash.  So the version you now see is new code that isn’t Flash based.  It is still slow to load but at least doesn’t give me the other problems. No one said everything in marketing was simple. But fortunately much of it is if you avoid the really techie stuff. 


There are hundreds of other Google Ranking essential and I’ll explain more in a future post.  But for now try implementing these quite simple ideas and you should start to see some improvements.