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How to Maximise Website Response Rates

Forget Focusing On Gathering Email Addresses, Get Website Visitors to Phone You and Enquire or Buy


For years the advice was to get website visitors to subscribe their email details to an autoresponder or email system so you could keep in touch. 

But that neglects the fact that some customers want to "buy" now. They don't want emails and follow ups. So give them the chance to call immediately.

Set up a phone number on your site so that mobile users can click and call. Make sure the number is prominent and displayed so that people can quickly put it into a landline as well.

If you can set it up so that the number is clearly displayed when the visitor scrolls i.e. is "static" that even better. 

You can use two calls to action …. Buy Now and Phone for Details ..  or similar wording as this grabs the micro-moment the visitor is in. 

Once the visitor calls you can then obtain their contact details as part of the call … but don't jump into that too early, you need to answer their questions first. 

Website Videos Increase Sales

If You Want To Increase Sales Website Conversion, or Other Call To Action Results, Use Video In Your Website Header or Banner


For months I've tested how to get the best website response rate and way ahead of everything else we've tested on numerous websites is a compelling autoplay short video with a strong call to action

Depending on the product and audience it usually works best if there is a voiceover. And if you are focusing on getting returning customers to respond (they often get forgotten), make sure they see you and hear your voice.